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Michael Nyman - The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat

Genre: Classical/Minimalism

Made in: Holland

Label: CBS Records, 1988

Catalogue: MK 44669

Recorded: 1987

Format: EAC | FLAC | image+.cue+log | covers

01. Prologue: Neurology's favourite term
02. Traffic. Street sounds
03. [That's why] I'm here
04. Can I help?
05. And yet... and yet
06. You can see clearly
07. What do you see now?
08. Where was this hat?
09. ... [mistake his] wife for a hat?
10. Bosendorfer!
11. Ich grolle nicht
12. But what of the parietal regions?
13. What's the time?
14. What is this?... It's a square
15. What is this?... Six inches in length
16. Now, what is this?
17. Pawn to King 4
18. From our end, high up here
19. Your husband's a painter, I see
20. Ach! Tea from China, lovely fragrance
21. I cannot tell you what is wrong

Dr. S, The Neurologist - Emile Belcourt, tenor
Mrs. P - Sarah Leonard, soprano
Dr. P - Frederick Westcott, baritone
Michael Nyman Band
Michael Nyman, piano & conducting


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