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Ballet Méchanique, music for four pianos and percussion ensemble: Carl Czerny, Morton Feldman, Vladimir Martynov, George Antheil

Genre: Classical/Piano

Made in: Russia

Label: Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, 2012

Catalogue: SMC CD 0132

Recorded: 2.XI.2009

Format: EAC | FLAC | image+.cue+log | covers

1. Carl Czerny - Concert Quartet for Four Pianos (1830)
2. Morton Feldman - Piece for Four Pianos (1957)
3. Vladimir Martynov - 'Albumblatt-2' for Four Pianos (2009)
4. George Antheil - 'Ballet Mécanique' for Four Pianos and Orchestra of Percussion Instruments (1924/1953)

Alexei Lubimov, piano
Mikhail Dubov, piano
Peter Aidu, piano
Alexei Zuev, piano
Mark Pekarsky Percussion Ensemble
Vladimir Ponkin


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