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Asian Music for String Quartet: Tan Dun, Tōru Takemitsu, Gao Ping, Chinary Ung, Zhou Long

Genre: Classical

Made in: Germany

Label: Naxos, 2012

Catalogue: 8.572488

Recorded: 21-24.VII.2010

Format: EAC | FLAC | image+.cue+log | covers

Zhou Long
01. Song of the Ch'in
Chinary Ung
02. Spiral III
Gao Ping
03. Bright Light and Cloud Shadows
Tōru Takemitsu
04. A Way a Lone
Tan Dun - Eight Colors
05. No.1: Peking Opera
06. No.2: Shadows
07. No.3: Pink Actress
08. No.4: Black Dance
09. No.5: Zen
10. No.6: Drum and Gong
11. No.7: Cloudiness
12. No.8: Red Sona

Performers: New Zealand String Quartet


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  1. спасибо, отец. японцев, правда, маловато (они все же интереснее), а китайцев много, но их и в природе немало.

  2. Thanks alot enjoyed the cd very much. the first 3 pieces were a delight, and the Tan Dun was great to hear. ´The CD is good for chilling out and also for listening intently.