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James MacMillan - A Scotch Bestiary, Piano Concerto No.2

Genre: Classical/Minimalism

Made in: EU

Label: Chandos, 2006

Catalogue: CHAN 10377

Recorded: 14.XII.2004 & 22.II.2005

Format: EAC | FLAC | image+.cue+log | covers

A Scotch Bestiary, Enigmatic variations on a zoological carnival at a Caledonian exhibition for organ and orchestra
I. The menagerie, caged
01. The book is opened
02. 1 Ode to a cro-magnon hyena
03. A page is turned
04. 2 Reptiles and Big Fish (in a small pond)
05. 3 Her Serene and Ubiquitous Majesty, Queen Bee
06. Another page is turned
07. 4 The red-handed, no-surrender, howler money
08. 5 Uncle Tom Cat and his Chickens
09. Yet another page is turned
10. 6 Scottish Patriots
11. 7 The Reverend Cuckoo and his Parroting Chorus
12. 8 Jackass Hackass
13. The book is closed
14. II. The menagerie, uncaged
Piano Concerto No.2
15. I. cumnock fair. Fast
16. II. shambards. J = c. 60
17. III. shamnation. Allegro (Tempo di Reel)

Wayne Marshall, organ and piano
BBC Philharmonic
James MacMillan


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